Textiles, Leathers

Textiles, Leathers

Cuirs bovins ou exotiques, des fins de stock et chutes de cuir et fourrure pour la maroquinerie ou la chaussure, l'accessoire ou le vêtement.


  • Knitting

    Cotton jersey, polyester jersey, silk jersey, knit textiles, stretch.

  • Lace, Trim Cutwork, Tulle

    Lace, guipure, tulle... by the meter, in swatches or offcuts, for lingerie, clothing or even costumes!

  • Recycled fibers

    Textiles made from recycled fibers, for a more virtuous and environmentally friendly fashion! Recycled polyester, recycled cotton, recycled wool...

  • Velvet

    Velvet, panne velvet, corduroy, silk velvet, devoured velvet, stretch velvet... All categories of velvet at low prices here!

  • Upholstery fabrics

    Table linen, bed linen, curtains, furniture coverings, net curtains, velvet, jacquard, gabardine linen, terry cloth... All the fabrics for your interiors here!

  • Printed fabric

    Polka dots, florals, liberty, cashmere, graphic, striped... All the printed fabrics from your surplus stocks!

  • Leather, fur

    Leather, fur, imitation leather, synthetic fur... Whether you are for natural or artificial materials, the skins and furs from your surplus stock can be found here!

  • Technical fabrics

    Technical fabrics are equipped with fibers with special properties such as being thermoregulatory, anti-cuts or burns, also including so-called smart textiles, often associating an electronic dimension. All your technical fabrics from overstock on sale here!

  • Artificial fibers

    Polyester, polyamide, acrylic... So many artificial fibers used in the textile industry. Here you will find all surplus stocks of synthetic fabrics. What about ecology? The most ecological materials are those already produced, let's use them all the way!

  • Waterproof,...

    Against all odds, or simply for dinner, waterproof and water-repellent fabrics (waterproof up to a certain point, because resulting from a treatment and not from a property of the fibers that make up the material) from your sleeping stocks in sale here!

  • Natural fibers

    Coton, lin, laine, soie, chanvre... Les tissus en fibres naturelles issus de nos surplus de stock se trouvent ici!

  • Natural origin...

    Tencel, Lyocell, acétate, rayonne, viscose... Toutes les fibres synthétiques d'origine naturelle (cellulose de bois, eucalyptus, bambou...), issues de vos surplus de stock!

  • Embroidered fabrics

    Embroidered fabrics for sophisticated creations! Thread, sequin, beads... All embroidered fabrics at reduced prices here!

  • Organic fabrics

    Organic fabrics, for a more ecological fashion, at a low price in sale here!

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