A commited marketplace

We use 30% of our wardrobe. It's afte the listening of this sentence from a radio chronicle (and from a look at the boxes full of fabrics in her flat) that has germinated the idea of the project in Carline's mind, who was recently graduated from a fashion school at that time. With amounts of fabrics, bolts of fabrics, leftovers and haberdashery articles. And to think that the alarming fact was, in view of her own experience and the one of may students and professionals wasn't so far from what concerns textiles themselves.  

So, being attach to see and operate a massiv reduction of textile waste, while thinking about the sometimes limited budget of young creators, it seemed to the young woman as an emergency to create a marketplace allowing these sleeping fabrics and supplies to rebirth under new hands, while allowing an added value to the owner. And, of course, offer a market with reasonable prices for new purchasers, all in favour of a fashion industry more in keeping with its environment. 

To give birth again to these sleeping beauties, save these remaining 70%.