How does it work ?

Welcome on Saventy Percent! We are please that you joined us, to share and rekindle your atelier tresures ! You can offer articles on sale as of now, or buy fabrics and habershadery articles present on the website. from now 

The only thing you have to do is to create an account and drop your ads. You can easily sell any kind of fabric and habershadery articles by creating an account on Saventy Percent. Clic on the button " Sell ". You add the products you want to sell and the informations you have and which will conform with the presentation of the product (fabric type, colour, quantity, origin if you know it) and the selling price. Pictures must be in good quality (light, resolution), to highlight your articles and allow a sneak peek reliable to the reality. :)

 You can sell by meter , and so indicate the price by meter or the whole quantity, wether it is about leftovers, bolts or rolls. In that case you have to indicate "bolt" or "lot" with the selling price for all of it. It is the same for the habershadery articles, sold by piece or in a lot. Dimensions must appear precisely : for a fabric, indicate measures Lenght x Width, if for leftovers, thanks for measure and count them. You can draw a little diagram of the pieces you have with matching measures, and add it to pictures. It's easier for you to explain what you have and for the buyer to understand the real quantity. The grammage mention in g/sm is also appreciated. 

To help you evaluate shipping fees you can have a look on Mondial Relay fee schedule, or any other carrier if you have a customer account in a particular shipping company. Fees can change according to the quantity chosen by the buyer and will be in that case reviewed when order. 

You can also buy articles dropped by other users, while navigating on the marketplace among different categories on the top and then on the left when you clic on one of them. You can also tap what you are looking for in the search tool. 

A commission for 20% will be applied on the purchases, corresponding to management and good development of Saventy Percent.


Carline, Fondatrice de Saventy Percent